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  An interest in Photography, Gardening and Natural History meant that what ever I saw moving in the garden whether it be plant or animal, if I did not know its name then out would come the camera and the books in an endeavour to identify it, usually unsuccessfully. This has lead to me joining several forums on the internet, and without their friendly advice and comments I would not have been able to name the vast majority of my pictures. As well as the collection of the photographs taken in my garden here in Farnham Surrey, it is my aim to add further back ground information on the species as I learn more about them.

Most of the pictures were taken in my garden in Farnham Surrey with a few from my parents garden in Fleet Hampshire and a very small number from either Fleet or Frensham Ponds. I have tried to make a note of saying which ones were not taken in my garden in the accompanying text.


Close to Farnham town centre on the Surrey and Hampshire border.


Originally I used an Olympus 3030Zoom, 3 Megapixel, digital compact camera. Sometimes with an old Jewlers Lupe fixed to the front of the lens to provide extra magnification, (with emphasised vignetting). This was then replaced with the Olympus close up lens and a set of the Hoya close up lens (+1, +2, and +4). This was OK but then I treated myself to a Canon 20D DSLR and 100mm/F2.8 macro lens which I used from 2006 until I up graded yet again to a Canon EOS 5D mkii in August 2010. Since 2017 I have been using both the Canon 5D and the Canon mirrorless M5 camera with my EF lenses and a converter EF to EF-M.

Equipment in use up to 12.1.2006

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