Turdus merula - Blackbird

Turdus merula - Blackbird

One of the more common and frequent visitor to my garden. The blackbird is often found going over the vegtable patch after I have dug it over prior to sowing almost as frequent as the Robin.

The Blackbird can be found almost everywhere in the United Kingdom, is a medium sized bird and has a wingspan of around 40 to 45cm. The mature male is black with a yellow bill while a mature female is dark brown with a speckled front and has either a dark bill or yellow one with a dark tip. The female is often mistaken for a Thrush.

While they are resident in the United Kingdom we also get visitors in summer and winter from the continent. Rarely seen at the feeders but often seen on the bird table or at water bowl. It is usually running about the lawn looking for insects and worms etc.. They also enjoy the strawberries, rasberries and other fruit growing in the garden.

Blackbirds nest in bushes, hedges, trees and on the ground. They lay 4 to 6 greenish white eggs speckled with redish brown, normally during March or April and its common for them to have two broods.

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