Lasius flavus - Yellow Meadow Ant

Lasius flavus - Yellow Meadow Ant
Lasius flavus the Yellow Meadow ant is a little smaller than the common Lasius niger with the worker being approximately 2 - 3.5mm long. Lavius flava lacks the hairs on the lower sections of the antennae and tibae that other similar species have. They typically live under ground in grassland or under pots in the greenhouse.

They feed on small insects found in the grass or underground, or on the honeydew farmed from aphids on the roots of plants. New queens fly the nest and start a new colony after mating in hot and humid weather in the summer months.

This ant helps gardeners by bringing matter from a meter or more below ground to the surface of the soil, and maintaining porous soil.
Lasius flava also has a special relationship with the Chalk Hill Blue butterfly. The workers are attracted by volatile substances that the caterpillar secretes. They then take the caterpillar off and bury it.


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