Links to other usefull websites

Links Very usefull butterfly site providing information on all the UK Butterfly species. Site dedicated to British Beetles which provides a very good photo gallery and lots of general information. Ian Kimbers site is a wonderful site covering British moths both macro and micro. Good site and forum on Diptera (True Flies). Website with photo gallery and information on British Drangonflies and Damselflies
British Wildlife and Environment News, Forums, Photography, Events and Product Reviews at Wild About Britain A very good website covering all aspects of Wild life in Britain

Forums that I have found very helpful and informative. Good site and forum on Diptera (True Flies).
Back Garden Moths Website and Forum mainly focusing on Moths but covers some other insects as well

Yahoo Groups below

All the Yahoo groups require you to register and create a Yahoo account then join the appropriate group. This only takes a couple of minutes but the effort is well rewarded by the friendly assistance and advice offered.
UK-Hoverflies Helpfull forum on Hoverflies.
ukmicromoths Helpfull forum on micro moths.
UK Moths Helpfull forum on macro moths.
sawfly Helpfull forum on sawflies.
bwars Helpfull forum on Bees Ants and Wasps (reporting).
British Insects Helpfull forum on Insects.

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