Updated code to once again show Title of images if mouse hovers over image. Latest version of IE did not work with old code.


Renamed Flea beetle to Sphaeroderma testaceum Flea Beetle on beetles page.


Updated Butterflies page with Anthocharis cardamines Orange Tip Male & Female, Pieris rapae Small White Eggs. Additionally added Scientific names to the photos.


Updated Bugs page with Lygocoris pabulinus Common Green Capsid, Megalocoleus molliculus, Nabis ericetorum Heath Damsel Bug, Neides tipularius, Palomena prasina Green Shieldbug, Picromerus bidens, Psallus ambiguus, Pseudococcus longispinus Mealy bug, Scale insect, Stenocranus minutus, Zygina flammigera.


Updated Bugs page with Elasmucha grisea, Parent Bug, Eupteryx decemnotata, Heterotoma planicornis, Immature Leaf Hopper, Kleidocerys resedae, Birch Catkin Bug.


Updated Bugs page with Dicyphus pallicornis, Dolycoris baccarum Sloe Bug final instar, Edwardsiana cragaegi, Elasmostethus interstinctus Teneral Birch Shieldbug.


Updated Bugs page with Adarrus ocellaris, Apolygus-lucorum, Cacopsylla ambigua, Cacopsylla brunneipennis, Cacopsylla exuva, Cacopsylla sp. nymph, Compsidolon salicellum, Coreus marginatus Dock Bug final instar, Coreus marginatus Dock Bug first instar, Dicyphus epilobii. Removed the image of a Whitefly because later identified as an adult Coniopterygid.


Updated Birds page with Buteo buteo Buzzard, Fringilla coelebs Chaffinch Male, Garrulus glandarius Jay, Parus ater Coal Tit, Sylvia curruca Lesser Whitethroat, Turdus philomelos Song Thrush.


Updated Beetles page with Chrysolina americana Rosemary Beetle, Cryptopleurum minutum, Donacia vulgaris, Grynobius planus, Meligethes aeneus, Miarus campanulae, and various rove beetles.


Updated beetles page with Amara aenea, Amara apricaria, Argrilus sinuatus Hawthorn Jewel Beetle, Cassida viridis Green Tortoise Beetle


Updated Bees and Wasps with various Ichneumonidae wasps, Mellenus arvensis, Nomada flava, Panurgus calcaratus, Passaloecus singularis, Pemphredon lugubris, Philanthus triangulum Beewolf, Trichrysis cyanea, Vespa crabo Hornet


Updated Bees and Wasps with Bombus vestalis Cuckoo-Bumblebee, Cerceris arenaria Digger Wasp, Cerceris rybyensis, Chalcid wasp, Chelostoma campanularum, Coelioxys conoidea Cuckoo-Bee, Conops flavipes, Hylaeus brevicornis


Updated Bees and Wasps with Andrena Chrysosceles male, Andrena fulva Tawny Mining Bee, Andrena minutula, Andrena ovatula, Anoplius nigerrimus Spider Wasp, Apsis mellifera Honey Bee.


Added Amblyteles armatorius Ichneumon wasp


Corrected identifcation of a wasp to Ancistrocerus gazella Potter Wasp.


After a long break I'm now once again active on this site and will be updating again.


Added numerous caterpillar and larvae photo's.


Added numerous wild flower photo's.


Updated Bees and wasps page with 26 more images and the Beetles page with another 10 images.


Added Lucanus cervus (Stag Beetle) and Gasteruption jaculator.


Added more photo's and ammended main page text to reflect a better description of todays content.


Added Animals page with 4 animals, mouse fox, squirrell and rabbit.


Added more images to site and added Animals late last year, images added to Bees and wasps, Beetles, Birds, Bugs, Butterflies, Caterpillars (added and other Lavae) Crickets and Grasshoppers, Flies, Fungii, Hoverflies,Ladybirds, Moths, others, Spiders, Added the following pages Wild flowers, and Links,.


updated opening text on main page.


removed miss identified photos believed now to be Eristalis horticola.


Added Bombus lucorum a bumblebee to the bees and wasps page, removed two items from the unknown pages and added the "Other misc. Insect" page.


Added three wasps to the bees and wasps page 2 x Digger wasps and 1 x Ichneumonidae wasp.


Added two saw flies to the bees and wasps pages and added to the intro text.


Renamed the incorrectly named Hornet to Median wasp. Added two bees, Slender Mining Bee and Leaf Cutter Bee


Added three Ichneumonidae wasps to the bees and wasps page. Added new Crickets and Grasshoppers page.


Added 'Dolichopus ungulatus' and 'Sepsis punctum' to the flies page and removed an image which was named sarcophagid but which I now believe to be miss named. Added 'Eristalis arbustorum' to the Hoverflies.


Added 'Deroceras panormitanum'to the Slugs and Snails and 'Xylota-segnis' + 'Eupeodes luniger' to the Hoverflies


Added 'Microchrysa polita' to the flies page and 'Malanostoma scalare' + 'Merodon equestris' to the Hoverfly page.


Added extension page for Hoverflies 'Scaeva pyrastri', and 'Sphaerophoria scripta' along with naratives for 'Helophilus pendulas' and 'Myathropa florea'. Additionally moved two flies from the unknown pages to the flies page 'Sarcophagid ssp' and Caliphorid ssp'


Added extension page for Hoverfly 'Myathropa florea'.


Added expansion pages for hoverfly 'Helophilus pendulus'.


Added expansion pages for three hoverflies 'Episyrphus balteatus', 'Eristalis pertinax' and 'Eristalis tenax'.


Ammended the names of three flies as two can only be identified to species level by keeping an example specimen and Trypeta zoe was the incorrect name it should be Terellia tussilaginis. Thanks to David Gibbs for pointing out these errors.


Added three more flies to the fly page. Additionally two flies added to the unknown critters page for id.


Added 4 more pictures to the Unknown Critters page that I could do with an identification of and 5 new photos on the Southern Hawker dragonfly page.


Added the Spider page with a number of photos. Also added two pictures that require an identification. (Spider and Grasshopper)


Added two moth caterpillars to the catterpillar page, the Lesser Yellow Underwing and the Yellow Shell.


The dragonfly page has been modified so that now clicking on an image takes the viewer to species related page with a brief narrative and several pictures that will enlarge if clicked.


Sorry there has not been content added this time just a general tidy up of code and file structure.

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